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4 Reasons to Hire a Christmas Light Installer

4 Reasons to Hire a Christmas Light Installer (and is it worth it?)

Trying to decide if you should hire a Christmas light installation company or DIY it this season? No fear! Handsome Holiday Heroes of Northwest Arkansas is here!

If you’ve never had your Christmas lights professionally installed there are four major benefits to having them done by a professional.

Put Your Christmas Lighting on Autopilot

We have very busy clients that we have had for years in Northwest Arkansas. Some of them, we have never even met in person.

You’re probably thinking, “Why is that good?” Because a good installer will see to it that getting you Christmas lights is completely hands off for you. We know your busy, especially during the holidays, so Handsome Holiday Heroes makes our installation process seamless and simple.

It might look like this: you call, receive a digital estimate, you pay online, we install while you’re at work, we set up automatic timers (so you don’t have to turn them on and off every night), you text us for maintenance issues and you enjoy the holidays. After new years, we take them down, and store the lights year round. You don’t have to touch a single bulb!

Custom Tailored

A good Christmas lighting company will custom cut your lights and extension cords to your homes exact measurements. This means no awkward leftover lit light strand hanging down the side of your home for all to see.

Additionally, because your lights are custom cut to your home, a good Christmas light installer will store and maintain them for you until next season.

And maybe you want a custom light color pattern like the candy cane pattern. A professional will have access to the full color spectrum and the ability to design whatever pattern you desire.

The Quality of Lights

Chances are if your Christmas light installer is a legit, professional company and not your maintenance man, the quality of LED lights will be commercial grade.

This means they aren’t buying them from Walmart and charging you a premium. Instead they are getting them from a Christmas light manufacturer.

This means bigger, brighter, more durable, and long-lasting bulbs and strands. Meaning… you now got yourself the brightest house on the block.

Safety & Tools

Installing Christmas lights is dangerous. Should your husband really be on the roof? We don’t need Clark Griswold scaring the entire neighborhood.

If you have a steep pitched roof, precarious ridge line, or a two story, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A safety-conscious company will have the right self-stabilizing ladders, hooks, straps, tools, roofing shoes, expertise, and not to mention liability insurance.


Still not sure if you should hire a Christmas light installer for your project? Get a free quote! It’s Free-fifty-free and there’s no home visit necessary! Jump over to our contact page and we’ll get your Christmas lighting quote sent back to you in a jiffy!