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Christmas Light Install in Fayetteville Arkansas | Project Spotlight

Today I’m sharing a Christmas Light Installation we did in Fayetteville Arkansas, let’s check it out! 

Whats up, my name is Heath Redding, I’m the owner of Handsome Holiday heroes, we are a Christmas Light Installation company that services Northwest Arkansas that includes Bentonville, Fayetteville, Rogers, Springdale, all the surrounding areas. We install on commercial and residential properties and we do it because we want to make the holidays brighter and a little bit sweeter for everyone! 

So as I said, this was a customer that we installed in Fayetteville Arkansas, he was previously using another local Christmas lighting company and either they closed down, or they had a falling out, something happened – he reached out to us and said “Hey will you give me a bid on Christmas lighting? I’ve been doing it for like 5 years now and I am needing it done this year” – I said, “ok” 

So he ended up sending us some photos of previously what the Christmas lighting schematic and layout was and we were able to match that. I will cut to the photos here now. 

The request was to do the candy cane pattern which we do every two bulbs. Some companies will do one red, one white, one red, one white. But we do them every two, I think it looks more substantial and noticeable when you do the candy cane pattern that way. 

But we lined his ridges, all the eves of his house, you see entrance way here. We lined the brick, which we hot glued them onto the brick. Its noninvasive does not damage anything. 

He wanted the same C9 bulbs around his garden beds so we installed them on both sides to balance everything out. 

We had extension cords come out to the yard and we installed the mini lights on his trees and lined each of the branches, which makes it look much more substantial and professional when you actually wrap each branch. And then he had this bush on the far left side, I will cut to this other photo here and you will also see the wreath that we installed over his garage. 

A note about wreaths, we do install 48” lit with a big red bow wreath and they look amazing. At night, and especially in the day when you really can’t tell that there are Christmas lights on the house, you’ll see the daytime decor, as they call it, and it looks pretty awesome. 

So one of the big questions we get from customers is can you install any color spectrum and the answer is yes! Yes, we can do any color bulbs. 

The most popular is warm white, we do warm white LEDs lights on about 95% of our installations so the answer is yes we can install any color Christmas light you want on your home or business, the most popular is that traditional warm white look. 

Thanks for watching this customer spotlight video, we create a lot short content like this, and you can subscribe on Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram every Christmas season we share our journey of installing Christmas lights all over Northwest Arkansas, we call it the Hero’s Journey and you can find out more about us at 

You can also click the big green button on the website homepage and get a free lighting estimate from us. Happy holidays y’all!