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Beautiful LED Christmas Lights in Fayetteville Arkansas | Project Spotlight

Whats up Ya’ll, my name is Heath. I’m the owner of Handsome Holiday Heroes. Today we are talking about a Christmas light installation we did in Fayetteville Arkansas. Let’s check it out! 


So this is a Christmas light installation we have done for about 5 years now for this particular customer. They live in Fayetteville Arkansas and for their house, we line all the eves, the peaks of the roofs and ridges with the C9 LED bulb. 


I will cut to a photo right now and show you what the LED C9 Bulbs looks like. They are typically larger, (they are larger than the C7 bulbs).


We install the largest Christmas light bulb because…why not? If you want christmas lights on your house, you might as well have the biggest and brightest bulb on the block! 


Originally this customer had incandescent bulbs, we used the glass bulbs when we first started. They are an absolute nightmare to work with! They are unreliable and break! They are made out of glass, so you get broken glass in areas. 


We completely transitioned them to LED lighting about two years ago. These days, we strictly install LED lighting at this point for all of our customers – they are more energy efficient and all around more reliable products. 


Here are the photos below of their Christmas lights on at night. This is a really beautiful installation in Fayetteville Arkansas. 

Home with Christmas lights in Fayetteville Arkansas Christmas decorated home in Fayetteville Arkansas


Like I said, we line the gutters, eves and the ridgelines on this house. They have some decor – garland and wreaths that we install for them as well. We hang them up around the doors and balcony levels. Notice the large wreath we install on the center peak of the house. 


In case you don’t know, all of our C9 bulbs that we install are installed on plastic clips. We do not staple, we do not nail and damage anything during the installation. We strictly use these plastic clips that are non-evasive and do not cause any harm to the shingle or the roof. 


So we install lights around their entire house, it’s a very large installation for us. Everything is set on timers for this installation to come on and off automatically each evening. 


One of the big questions we get a lot is do you sub out your work? And the answer is NO!


Handsome Holiday Heroes is a small family owned business, I am the founder and owner of it and I’m at every job. Our crew are employees with us during the Christmas season and when you hire us, you hire on myself, my family and our employees that we have with us each season (the holiday heroes). 


So, we DO NOT sub out work. It’s an important thing to think about when you’re hiring on guys to climb around your roof. It’s very dangerous, there is a lot of liability involved. We are completely covered with insurance, we have all the right tools and training so that we keep everyone safe and your home protected during the installation. 


So that wraps it up for this project spotlight in Fayetteville Arkansas. Thank you for checking out this house, you can jump on our website if you want a free christmas light estimate from us. We are happy to send you one via email. 


We start work every year in early October and work through Christmas. So if you want to get on our schedule and get early bird discounts, now is the time to sign up. Jump on our website and click the big green button on the homepage and we will contact you very shortly with your christmas light estimate


Thanks for watching the video above and Happy Holidays!