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Christmas Light Decorations in Fayetteville Arkansas

Are you searching for Christmas Light Decorations in Fayetteville Arkansas? Check out our project spotlight!

What’s up everyone, my name is Heath Redding. Today we are checking out a Christmas light installation we did for a commercial building in Fayetteville Arkansas. Lets jump in! 

What’s up everyone, my name is Heath. I am the owner of Handsome Holiday Heroes. We are a Christmas light installer that services Rogers, Bentonville, Fayetteville Arkansas and the surrounding areas. We are the top rated and most trusted Christmas light installer in Northwest Arkansas. 

Today, I want to talk about a commercial Christmas light installation job that we do in Fayetteville Arkansas every year. 

I will post some photos here so you can see what it looks like. 


This Christmas light installation is for a real estate company in Fayetteville Arkansas. For this job, we line all the gutters, the peaks, eves, and ridges with the C9 warm white bulb and then we also wrap this tree in the front. There are four trees that line the road in the front of their property. We install green and warm white mini Christmas lights on those trees. 

They also have two wreaths on either side of the building. They provide those and we install them every season. They have a very large Christmas festival here every year, so we were really excited to get this job and be part of their Christmas spirit!  Check out their Christmas festival here. 

One of the questions that we get asked a lot is do we provide a guarantee or a warranty for our Christmas light installations? The answer is yes! 

We do provide a warranty, however we cannot guarantee that every single bulb is going to work flawlessly. Things happen, like bad weather, critters, or acts of God that will destroy the lights. 

We have had squirrels chew up Christmas lights and we’ve had to come back and repair them. But it is all included in your package. When you hire us, you are hiring us to provide the lights, install them, maintain them throughout the Christmas season, take them down after new years and even store them for you. 

So it’s all inclusive or “full service” as we like to call it. Everything is set on automatic timers. The lights will come on and off each evening so if there’s ever a problem, you can give us a ring and we will get you on our maintenance schedule to get your Christmas lights fixed. 

For commercial Christmas light installations it’s important that you hire an Christmas light company that has insurance liability, and can protect you (the business owner). Handsome Holiday Heroes has all those insurances in place. We have a fully trained crew that uses all the right tools to work safely on your commercial business. 

So if you’re interested in a FREE estimate for Christmas lighting on your home or business, you can jump on our website. Click the big green button on the homepage and fill out the form and we will contact you shortly. 

Thanks for watching this project spotlight for our commercial Christmas light installation that we did in Fayetteville Arkansas. 

We are very much looking forward to the 2020 Xmas season and we’re wishing everyone a happy and bright holidays, despite all the COVID crazy stuff that is going on in the world right now. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, Merry Christmas y’all!