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Do you offer Incandescent Lighting?

No! Gone are the days of old, power hungry and breakable Christmas lights. We only use LED lights on all our installations.

I already own a ton of Christmas lights. Will you install them?

Yes and No. We strive to provide only the best service and experience in our business and if we installed lights that you own, we cannot guarantee them or provide maintenance. That said, we are open to reviewing your project and determining what is the best course of action so your project will be reviewed on a case to case basis.

Do you store the Christmas lights or do I?

We store your lights and decor for you, so you have absolutely nothing to stress and worry about. Next year, we can add to or re-use your lights and decor from the previous season. If you order lights from us and re-use the same ones the next season, you will receive a 25% discount every year from your first year’s invoice total.

 How can I pay?

We except cash, checks or credit cards.

 Do you know Santa Claus?

A little known secret of ours is that we have met and ate cookies with Santa Claus….keep it on the down low though because he doesn’t like us to boast about it. We have been professionally certified through “Santa’s Christmas Light School” as official light and decor installers too.

What type of lights do you use?

We offer a wide range of materials and decor possibilities for your house or business and recommend using LED lighting. In case you haven’t heard, LED lights are brighter, more energy efficient, and the lights last longer then traditional incandescent lights. We also offer traditional incandescent lighting.

How long does it take to install lights?

The length of time it takes us depends on the size of the job, though we try to finish projects up as quickly as two to five hours. Bigger projects can last a day or more.

When does your lighting and decoration services start each year?

We offer services year around..but for Christmas specifically we begin hanging lights and decorations on October 15th every year until Christmas. We will begin removing lights and decorations after the new years.

Do you offer decor and light services for other holidays?

Yes! Handsome Holiday Heroes does not limit themselves to just Christmas (though it is our favorite time of year). We offer decoration services for any and all holidays or events (like weddings, etc) and have access to materials and decorations year around. Just give us a call or email us and we will discuss your project!

How do you install your Christmas Lights?

For lighting on roofs, windows, trims, etc. we try to install our lights with plastic clips to avoid using staples or nails and causing any damage to your structure. It is our policy to avoid puncturing roof shingles or wood materials unless absolutely necessary.

Should I use LED lights or Incandescent Lights?

Hands down, LED lighting is the best choice. Not only are they brighter, last longer, and fire safe, but LED lighting also uses 90% less energy then incandescent lighting! Be clean. Be efficient. — — USE LED LIGHTS!

Do you provide a guarantee or warranty on your products and services?

Yes! We stand by our products as the best on the market and provide pro-active maintenance on all our installations throughout each holiday season. While we cannot guarantee that all of our lights will work flawlessly (as bulbs have different life spans based upon usage) we do our best to keep your lights shining bright throughout the holidays.