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How to Hire A Christmas Light Installation Company (and what questions you should ask)

Finding the best Christmas light installation company for your home or business can be daunting. No fear! Handsome Holiday Heroes of Northwest Arkansas is here!

If you’ve never had your Christmas lights professionally installed there are a few questions you need to be prepared to ask your potential installer.

Leasing or Owning?

Will the installation company be leasing the Christmas lights to you or will you be buying them from the installer?

Leasing the lights allows you to not have to fit the bill and be responsible for replacing busted bulbs, damaged strands, and nicked extension cords.

Leasing the lights is also usually more affordable. However, if the company is selling you the lights you may have to pay to have the strands and/or bulbs replaced every other year.

LED’s or Incandescent?

LED bulbs are the standard choice these days for commercial Christmas light installers. But to be safe, be sure to verify your potential installer is in fact using LED’s.

The benefits of LED lights far outweigh their former incandescent lights. LED bulbs are safer, more energy efficient (low voltage), save you money, last longer, and endure the harsh winter ice and snow.

Bulb Size? Brightness?

If you want the biggest and brightest bulbs on the block, then you want the C9 LED bulbs.

Some companies will install the smaller, less bright, C7 bulbs and charge you the same thing you’d pay for the C9’s.

Not sure which one you’re getting quoted? Then ask how big the bulbs are. C9’s are roughly 3 inches long, while C7’s are roughly 2 inches long.

Bulb Color?

Warm white LED bulbs are the most popular color by far. Ask any Christmas light supplier.

To avoid getting your LED lights with a slight blue hue, verify with your installer they are warm white lights that specifically match the traditional incandescent bulbs of the 90’s.

Or maybe you want a custom color pattern. Then be sure your potential installer has access to the full color spectrum to meet your design needs.

How are the lights installed?

Worried about your precious home getting stapled to death? Be sure your installer uses non-destructive means to install your lights.

Be sure they’re not using staples, glue, or nails.

Instead look for installers using plastic clips that slide under your shingles or  gutters. Have a metal roof? Look for an installer that can provide you with magnetic lights.

Are they insured?

Most installers will hang your lights while you’re at work. Be sure your installer has general liability insurance.

Installing Christmas lights is dangerous. It requires climbing all over your roof. In the event of an accident, you want to make sure your installer is insured.

Other Options?

Do you want a wreath? What about a garland? Or do you have a dangerously tall Christmas tree? Be sure your installer has the right resources to meet your project demands.


Still not sure if you’ve found the best Christmas light installer for your project? Chances are, like us, most installers are small businesses and are eager for your business.

Ask what discounts they may have available to you. Neighborhood discounts. Early-bird  install discounts (~5-10% off). Referral discounts (~$25 off or small percentage off). End-of-season discounts (~10% plus, because they need to get rid of their material).

Want a free quote from us? No home visit is necessary! Visit our Contact Us page and we will shoot you over a completely digital estimate.