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The Easiest Way to Hang Christmas Lights This Year

Ah, it’s that time of year again where you get to hang Christmas lights! Most homeowners can find this a pain to deal with, though. This is especially true if you wait until the weather gets cold. You also need to choose between LED or incandescent bulbs. So, what exactly is the best way to hang Christmas lights? Does it depend on the house you bought? It does. However, we are here to help with some tips on the easiest way to put up Christmas lights this year. 

Know the Surface You Are Working On

When you hang Christmas lights you want to be as careful as possible. This means you need to know how you are going to hang your Christmas lights. Will you need to climb on the roof? You may need a 20ft ladder if your house is big enough. Prepping your gear and clothes to stay safe is one of the best tips to hang your Christmas lights. Prepare ahead of time and know exactly where you are going to hang something and how. If you are scared of heights you will want to leave this to a professional Christmas lights installer. Knowing the surface you will be walking on as you hang Christmas lights will help you prepare.  

Hang Christmas Lights with the Help of a Group

As one determined couple did for their holiday decorating, hang Christmas lights in pairs or together. This is a bit tricky though as it can take you some time and money the first year. You can try buying a J-channel and inserting lights through the slits, then attach those to the sides of your home. If you are not mechanically gifted, this may not be the best method. However, a novice should be able to use this tip and decrease his time putting up Christmas lights every year. That is, if you have the space to store a bunch of J-channels in your house.

Use Conduit or PVC Pipe

When trying to decorate the side of your roof it can be difficult. You will either have to climb on the roof or climb a tall ladder. Neither seems ideal to hang Christmas lights during the winter. You could easily slip and fall or hurt a family member who may be helping you. There is another option as one man did by hanging Christmas lights in an easier way. This will require some mechanical skills as you will have to attach this pipe to you the side of your home. You will have to have the exact measurements of the roof. The pipe will also need a hinge that you can use to match the sides of the roof perfectly. You can then adjust the pipe to match the sides of your roof. If you do this, it can save you time in the future, but there is an upfront cost.

Are you unsure about putting up Christmas lights this year? Do you not want to deal with the weather or strain on your body? The EASIEST way to put up your lights this year is to hire a professional to do it for you! At Handsome Holiday Heroes, we have the manpower and experience to safely set your Christmas lights up in a day. You’ll save yourself the trouble, and your house will look amazing! Contact us now to get a quote on your house for this upcoming holiday season.