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How to Save Money on Christmas Lights

So, you want to get in the Christmas spirit by decorating your home and want to save money on Christmas lights this year? Maybe your not new to the Christmas lighting game, but want some new tricks to cut costs. Most people think that you can’t really save money on Christmas lights because of the energy cost. However, we disagree. You can save money and still have a bright display that your whole neighborhood can look at. Here are some ways you can save money on Christmas lights this year.

Switch to LED to save money on Christmas Lights

If you are still using incandescent bulbs it is time to switch. Although LEDs have a higher purchase cost initially, they pay for themselves by reducing your electric bill. Over the years, you can dramatically decrease your electric output and cost compared to other bulbs. They also last longer than your average bulb. This compound effect over time helps you save money on Christmas lights. Also, LEDs usually glow brighter than their counterparts. In addition, it is a great way to use less electricity during the holiday season. It’s also a good way to save money on Christmas lighting by buying these lights out of season as the price will go down.

Keep Track of When You Turn on Your Lights

Another crucial holiday lighting trick is to get timers for your lights. Every day you turn on your lights at a certain time and set a timer for that amount. This helps lower your energy costs, even if just a marginal amount. It adds up over time! With an alarm, you won’t forget when to turn off the lights. Leaving the lights on all day and night can be a hurtful blow to your electric bill. If anything, use the timer on your phone to remind you to turn off the lights. You can also set different lights at different times if you want to change the look of your home.

Don’t Buy a Pre-Lit Tree

Although buying a pre-lit tree may save you some hassle, it will be more expensive. You’ll save some money if you string it yourself. This is where bigger bulbs come into play. Using bigger bulbs can help you by making it easier to place around the tree. You can also try sticking random battery operated lights in your tree to make it glow. This will cut back both cost and some of the hassle of lighting a tree. Just remember that you can always turn this into a family activity.

Hire a Professional Christmas Lighting Company

Often times, professional Christmas lighting companies can help you save money on their services by bundling products. You get to save money on Christmas lights by renting them from the professionals. You also get to skip the hassle and danger of putting them up yourself. The company should meet with you and design the style you want and the color of the lights. You then get to sit back and save money on Christmas lights.

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